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Day 10 - Mobile in May

Good morning, everyone! Can you believe how quickly May is flying by? We're already a third of the way through! How's your 'Mobile in May' journey going? Are you starting to notice the wonderful benefits yet?

Today, let's focus on Hip Circles to keep our bodies moving and grooving! To perform this exercise: Lift one leg to tabletop position and imagine drawing a circle with the knee while keeping your hips and pelvis level. Change direction and then switch legs. Feel the magic as you engage those hip muscles!

Consistent practice of Hip Circles brings a host of benefits. This exercise is fantastic for strengthening the core, glutes, and hip muscles while enhancing pelvic stability. For an added challenge, try it with a straight leg. Don't forget to switch directions and legs for a balanced workout!

Looking to explore more movement options? Visit for a range of online classes tailored for beginners to experts. Let's elevate our fitness journey together!

See you all again tomorrow as we continue to stay mobile and active in May. Keep up the fantastic work, everyone!

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