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Join me for a Meno Morning.

The event is to help women on their menopausal journey and beyond. Menopause is more than night sweats, learn about the symptoms of menopause, how to manage them and how changing your nutrition and exercise regime might help.

The event will start with a cuppa and a chat, giving us time to talk about symptoms and learn more about the menopause. We'll then start to move the body with a Walkfit™ class, a gentle Pilates session and ending with some relaxation, focusing on our breath.

All you need is yourself; all equipment is provided and refreshments and a light lunch will be supplied by Ginger Lily's.

The event is suitable for women of all ages and abilities. If you're not yet at the menopause stage come and learn about it, if you're past the menopause come and share your experiences and see if there's anything new that you can pass onto friends and family.

Places are limited, so booking is essential. My early bird offer will last until midnight on Monday 27 November 2024.

Booking can be done online at or message me for more information.

Don't moan about the menopause, let's motivate each other and master the change.

Menofit™ event
Let's talk menopause

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