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Today is the last of the FREE sessions and it's all about posture. Are you joining me on the mat?

All sessions will remain available during April so you can catch up or re do the sessions anytime during the month.

Have you enjoyed the sessions? Have you noticed if they have helped you this week? Leave a comment below and let me know how you've got on. 🧘

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We're on day number 4 and today is all about the glutes.

Who's rolling out their mat to join me today?

If you haven't joined already it's not too late, log on at

Day 4 Glutes
Active in April

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Today is all about the legs.

Make sure you log onto and do the session today.

We’re half way through the week, how are you finding the sessions? Are you noticing a difference? Comment below if you’ve been doing the sessions.

Leg Day
Active in April

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