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Menopause is only a 1 day event!!!

📆 Fact check: Menopause is when you've been period free for 12 calendar months, so you're only classed as menopausal for 1 day! 🚫 After that post-menopausal status is unlocked!

🔍 Menopause symptoms might start dancing in before your periods hit pause, if this is you then you could be in the peri-menopausal stage. It's like a sneak peek of the main event!

🎉 Join me over the next few days for something special tailored just for you, whether you're peri or post-menopausal. It's a special event coming in 2024 all about the menopause! 🌺💃

Facts about the menopause
Menopause only lasts for 1 day

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