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World Mental Health Day

I've been thinking about my own journey and how I've coped with life's stressful chapters. It struck me that during the highs and lows - GCSEs, professional exams, wedding planning, moving house, or starting a new job - there was one constant: exercise. 🏃‍♀️

👟 Putting on my trainers and going for a run became my therapy. It didn't matter if I was slow or couldn't go far; it was about the mental release, the clarity, and the endorphins that came with each step. I didn't realise at the time how good it was for my mental health, I just did it because it made me feel better.

🤔 So, I'm curious - how do YOU deal with life's challenges? It could be something as simple as a hobby, talking to a friend, or practicing mindfulness. Let's share our coping strategies and support each other towards better mental health. 💚✨

Photo - is me after doing the 'Race Against Time' run at Gateshead stadium, I think it was 1986, so I would have been about 13.

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