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Wellness Events

Have you been to one of my wellness events before? They are a great way to spend a Saturday morning. We chat, move and relax, followed by some delicious food supplied by Ginger Lily's.

If you’d like to come to my next event it’s on Saturday 10 February, 9am - 1pm, £45 per person.

I’ve only got a couple of spaces left so why not book a place for you and your friend.

The theme for the event is menopause. Talking about symptoms, how we can elevate these by changes to our lifestyle. We will then add in a bit or movement followed by lots of relaxation. The event is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about menopause or just wants a relaxed morning with good food and company. Go on, treat yourself in February

Are you ready to book? If so this can be done direct at or comment ‘ I’m interested’ for more information.

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