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Day 16 - Mobile in May

Good morning, everyone! How's your week shaping up? I'm absolutely loving the journey we're on with Mobile in May I hope you are too...

Today, we're diving into a simple yet powerful exercise: the Heel Slide. Here's how to do it: Slide one heel along the floor, aiming to extend the leg while keeping your spine stable. For an extra challenge, add in the opposite arm overhead.

The Heel Slide exercise works wonders by increasing the range of motion in your knee. It's a fantastic way to strengthen and stretch the tissues around your knee and leg muscles. Let's keep those joints healthy and mobile!

If you're keen on exploring more exercises like this, whether through online classes, group sessions, 1-1 training, or even workplace classes, I've got something tailored just for you. Don't wait any longer—let's kickstart your fitness journey today! Visit for more details.

Let's keep moving, stay motivated, and embrace the positive changes that come with prioritising our health and fitness. See you all at the next workout session!

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