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Day 13 - Mobile in May

Good morning, everyone! How are you all feeling today? I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It's Day 13 of Mobile in May, and we're kicking off the week with some energising Standing Heel Raises!

If you're new to this exercise, no worries! Simply lift your arms to a V position, and as your arms lower, lift your heels. This movement not only challenges your balance but also warms up your legs. Focus on coming onto the balls of your feet rather than the outer edges for maximum benefit. Let's feel the burn and start the week off right!

Are you enjoying the Mobile in May journey? If so, why not explore my website for more fitness resources? Discover exercise packages designed for everyone at Let's continue to prioritise our health and well-being together!

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with Standing Heel Raises. Keep up the fantastic work, stay motivated, and have a fantastic start to the week!

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