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Day 6 'Mobile in May'

Good morning, everyone!  Let's kick off this Bank Holiday Monday with a burst of light exercise to set the tone for a fantastic day ahead!  Today, we're focusing on the rejuvenating 'Open Book Stretch' to invigorate our bodies and minds.

To perform this stretch, lie on your side with your knees and ankles together, arms extended in front with palms touching. Lift your top arm up and over your body, allowing your head to follow suit. Feel the gentle stretch through your thoracic region as you reach and breathe into the movement.

The 'Open Book Stretch' is a wonderful thoracic stretch that enhances mobility in your upper back, chest, and shoulders. Keep those knees together and grounded as you perform the stretch, and remember to switch sides for balanced flexibility.

As you embrace this exercise, don't forget to explore the wealth of fabulous content available on www.dawnchambersfitness.

Let's continue to prioritise our well-being and mobility journey together!  

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