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Day 5 of 'Mobile in May'

Hey everyone, how are you all doing today?  I hope you're feeling fantastic and reaping the benefits of our 'Mobile in May' exercises!  Today, we're diving into ankle mobility - an essential component of our movement and overall well-being.

For today's exercise, let's focus on getting those ankles in tip-top shape. Draw circles with your foot, change directions, and don't forget to point and flex the foot. Remember to switch sides for a balanced workout.

By engaging in these ankle mobility exercises, you're keeping those joints healthy and flexible. Whether you're standing (for an added balance challenge) or sitting and relaxing, these movements are perfect for getting your ankles moving. Don't forget to switch sides to ensure both ankles get the attention they deserve!

Let's keep up the momentum and continue to prioritize our mobility and fitness. I can't wait to see you all again tomorrow as we stay committed to being 'Mobile in May'!  

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