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Sunday Re-set

How was your week? Was it a total washout or did you manage to see the rainbow afterwards? Here's my review of the week;

✅ Wins of the week - I managed to have a couple of days away from the computer and I've lost count of the number of coffees and cakes I've fit into the week.

😊 What made me smile - Apart from Thursday night, when I went to see comedian Lucy Beaumont, seeing everyone book there places in class made me smile and even do a little happy dance. I love it when I see people invest in themselves and commit to come to classes even during the winter months.

📅 Plan for the week - Classes are back on as normal this week so I must remember to set my alarm again. Apart from this my aim is to get at least 2 hours of my current training course completed.

Spend some time today to reflect on your week and plan for the week ahead. 🧘‍♀️

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