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Day 12 - Mobile in May

Good morning, everyone! I hope you have wonderful plans for this lovely Sunday. It's Day 12 of Mobile in May, and today we're diving into the 'Seated Knee Drop' exercise.

To master this exercise, sit tall with your knees and ankles together. Lower your knees to one side while keeping your shoulders square, then return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Feel the burn as you engage your core and work those obliques!

The 'Seated Knee Drop' is a powerhouse for core strength and oblique engagement. Remember to keep your shoulders straight as you lower and lift your knees. Let's focus on form and feel the benefits as we move through this exercise together!

If you're curious about Pilates and its amazing benefits, explore my online packages tailored to support individuals of all skill levels at Let's dive into a world of movement and wellness!

I'm excited to reconnect with you all tomorrow as we continue our Mobile in May journey. Keep up the fantastic work, stay motivated, and have a fantastic Sunday!

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