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Day 9 'Mobile in May'

How are you all finding 'Mobile in May' so far? Are you starting to feel the incredible benefits of these daily exercises? Share your experiences with me!

Today, let's dive into a rejuvenating exercise - the Roll Down. To perform this exercise, curve through the spine as you roll down. If your spine is feeling grumpy, keep it straight and walk your hands down the thighs. Witness the magic unfold as you embrace this movement!

The Roll Down offers a multitude of benefits. It's a fantastic exercise to promote movement through the spine. If your hamstrings are tight, remember to soften the knees. For those with a grumpy spine, try walking your hands down the thighs with a long spine, then walk back up. Let's keep our bodies mobile and supple!

Experience the transformational effects of this exercise and feel the energy flow through you. Embrace the journey towards enhanced well-being!

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