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Day 25 - Joints in June

Good morning everyone! How are you feeling today?

It's Day 25 of Joints in June, and we'll be focusing on 'Thigh Contractions' for today's exercise. To complete this exercise, sit up straight, slowly straighten and raise one leg, squeeze the thigh muscles, and try to hold for 15 seconds, keeping the muscles tense above the knee. Repeat 2 more times before switching legs. How did you find the exercise?

Thigh contractions are beneficial for both your knee and hip joints, and you can easily do this exercise at your desk or while on the sofa. Remember to maintain a straight back throughout for maximum effectiveness.

Explore the benefits of joining one of the online courses, especially my 'Couch to Class' course that is available for only £9 per month! See you all again tomorrow! 💪

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