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Day 7 - Summer Sessions

Good morning everyone, hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.

Its Day 7 of Summer Sessions and today we are focusing on 'Creative Ways to Stay Active' during the summer.

Busy individuals looking to stay fit during the summer can consider incorporating physical activity into their daily routine in convenient ways. Some options include:

1. Walking or jogging in the early morning or evening when it's cooler.

2. Utilising outdoor spaces such as parks or trails for a quick workout during lunch breaks or after work.

3. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

4. Doing bodyweight exercises or yoga at home or in a nearby outdoor area.

5. Joining a virtual fitness class for guided workouts at any time.

6. Incorporating physical activity into daily tasks, such as biking to work or taking active breaks during the workday.

By finding creative ways to stay active and prioritising fitness in your schedule, you can maintain health and wellbeing during the summer months.

See you all again tomorrow.

Creative Ways to Stay Active during the Summer
Day 7 - Summer Sessions

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